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Car Chassis Armor

- Aug 17, 2018 -

First: Corrosion protection The soil attached to the chassis, wash the car after the accumulation of sewage in the chassis, as well as humid air, acid rain, snowmelt agent will be the vehicle chassis corrosion, resulting in the use of a period of time after the vehicle chassis rust stains.

Why do car chassis armor? Chassis Armor coating can be very good to avoid the outside dirt, water vapor on the chassis erosion, for the chassis to provide good protection.

Second: Stone-proof strike When the vehicle is splashing in the driving, it will be damaged by the protective paint film on the chassis related parts, resulting in the lack of protection and rusting of the metal parts.

and the thickness of the 2~4mm with elastic resin protective layer can be in stone when the chassis to play a good protection.

Third: noise reduction

The noise of the vehicle is mainly composed of the tire noise and the road noise, most of the noise from the chassis into the car, and chassis armor with excellent sealing, to a certain extent to resist noise from the chassis intrusion into the vehicle, thereby improving the vehicle in the driving comfort.

IV: Slowing down the backing impact Backing tend to cause a lot of damage to the chassis, chassis armor 2~4mm elastic coating will be slightly backing chassis to play a certain role in cushioning, reducing the impact of the surface on the chassis.