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- Aug 17, 2018 -

From the point of view of the inspection project, you can talk about the contents of the inspection to the following points:

First, whether the car chassis rust phenomenon Chassis due to long-term in a very bad working environment, its harm and erosion is also the largest. Driving in the rainy day, the chassis directly contact with the rain, snow driving, the chassis and direct contact with the cold snow, and mountain terrain rugged, the chassis has to withstand the rubble and other harsh environment of torture. These special road conditions, the damage to the chassis is very large.

Therefore, timely inspection of chassis corrosion is an effective protection of the chassis of one of the important items.

Second, the chassis of the equipment installation inspection The chassis is loaded with a number of important body parts. The exhaust assembly is one of the most important items in the chassis inspection, although part of the exhaust assembly is located in the engine compartment, but most of it is mounted on the chassis of the vehicle. Therefore, in the car chassis inspection, but also to consider the safety of its related components.

Automobile exhaust pipe inspection is mainly to determine whether there is leakage phenomenon. Car chassis inspection Heavy "diligence", Smart car owners must be an industrious owner, the role of the chassis can not be ignored, often check its working state is also the necessary security of driving safety.