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- Nov 30, 2018 -

Brake Disc Parts 43512-0k120

The feeling of braking is very important. When the normal brake system brakes, the pedal feels solid and the car should immediately stop in a straight line. When the vehicle is severely shaken or slanted to one side, or feels that the pedal response is insensitive and soft, it should be taken seriously by the owner. Some screams are caused by the interaction of the friction lining with the gasket on the back. Slight screams at low speeds without the use of brakes are due to wear on the brake disc or sheet edge. In addition, if the brake temperature is too high, there will be smoke and odor when it exceeds 400 degrees, and the brake will be noticeably soft, which is caused by the continuous use of the brake system for a long time. The brake method used to make the material of this product will be different, so the effect will be much better than other brake software.