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How to check auto water pump?

- Dec 29, 2018 -

Auto Water Pump Gwt-77

How to judge if the car pump is broken?

When there is a problem with the pump, it will affect the normal operation of the cooling system. Generally, the pump has the following symptoms:

1, idle speed problem

The car water pump is connected with the belt to draw cold water out of the water tank to cool the engine. If the pump rotates, it will directly affect the engine speed, and the problem is that the speed is unstable. In order to make the running speed unstable after the start of the car, if the resistance is very large, it may even cause the engine to stall.

2, the pump leaks

Pump leakage is a relatively common fault, mainly because the seal is not in place and the engine leaks near the pump. The coolant will leave traces of coolant color on the ventilator of the pump, resulting in the appearance of high water temperature after the lack of coolant. At the same time, the lubricant on the bearing will be washed away, which will lead to wear and tear of the bearing.

3, noise phenomenon

If it is observed that there is obvious noise phenomenon in the car water pump, then it is very likely that the water pump has started to be damaged at this time, and the noise is caused by internal bearing damage or impeller loosening, which is out of the noise caused by the rotating shaft.