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Suspension Test

- Aug 17, 2018 -

The multi-degree of freedom Test-bed for automobile suspension is mainly to simulate the static of vehicle suspension, dynamic mechanical performance evaluation test, including high and low cycle fatigue and simulation of the actual operating conditions, can also be used to change the fixture for different parts of the test, such as the auxiliary frame, damping element (shock absorber, etc.), buffer elements (spiral springs, etc.), guiding elements (control arm, Swing arm, hem arm, etc., other components (steering knuckle, hub bearings, drive shaft head, Steering gear, stabilizer bar, the standard parts) and so on. 

The test system is composed of the execution unit, the Actuator assembly, the loading frame, the power unit, the hydraulic pump station, the control unit and the computer servo system, and the test system is built according to the structural form of the specimen.