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Time To Change Brake Disc

- Oct 31, 2018 -

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How long does the brake disc of the car change?

Theoretically speaking: the maximum wear limit of the brake disc is 2 mm, and the new brake disc must be replaced after the limit is used. However, in actual use, most car owners do not strictly enforce this standard. The frequency of replacement should also be measured according to your driving habits. The approximate metrics are as follows:

1. Look at the replacement frequency of the brake pads. If the replacement frequency of the brake pads is very high, it is recommended to check the thickness of the brake discs. After all, if you charge more quickly, you have a lot of brakes, so check the brake discs regularly.

2, according to the wear situation to decide: because the brake disc in addition to normal wear, but also because of the quality of the brake pads or brake discs and the wear and tear caused by foreign objects during normal use, if the brake disc is worn by foreign bodies, there are some deep grooves, Or the disc surface wear is biased (some places are thin, some places are thick), then it is recommended to replace, because this difference in wear and tear will directly affect our safe driving.