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What is a car engine

- Aug 17, 2018 -

The automobile engine is the machine which provides the power for the automobile, is the automobile heart, affects the automobile power, the economy and the environmental protection sex.

According to the different power sources, the automobile engine can be divided into diesel engine, gasoline engine, electric vehicle motor and hybrid power. Common gasoline engines and diesel engines are reciprocating piston-type internal combustion engine, which converts the chemical energy of the fuel into the mechanical energy of piston movement and the external output power.

The engine has the characteristics of high speed, small quality, low noise, easy starting and lower manufacturing cost, large compression ratio, high thermal efficiency, better economic performance and emission performance than gasoline engine. In addition to petrol and diesel, cars using other new energy sources are known as new energy vehicles, including pure electric cars, hybrid cars, fuel cell vehicles, gas cars, bioethanol/biodiesel cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The new energy vehicles sold in China's market are mostly hybrid cars, but the pure electric vehicles are now the main direction.