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Automobile Brake Failure Treatment

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Brake failure is caused by many reasons, the first is the lack of necessary maintenance of the braking system, the main brake pump impurities too much, seal LAX, vacuum booster pump failure, brake oil dirty or several brake oil mixed use after the air resistance, the main brake pump or pump oil leakage, gas tank or pipeline interface leakage; second, due to improper operation of the mechanical failure, such as long downhill will make the brake pads friction heat, brake hub carbonization, braking function completely failure; third, due to severe overload, in the role of gravity acceleration, the vehicle movement inertia, directly caused by brake failure. When brake failure occurs, the driver must first keep calm and not panic.

The right thing to do is to quickly reduce gears as you control the direction of traffic and speed. High-speed file Rob people immediately quickly grab a quick file, then the engine will have a lot of traction resistance to speed down quickly, at this time can use hand brake and then quickly grab into the low-speed and the lowest gear, and then use hand brake control vehicle stop. If the hand brake effect is not good can also use the hillside to force the vehicle to stop or low-speed control vehicles to the flat road gradually stop. The uphill braking should be reduced to medium and low speed gear when it is invalid. Keep enough power to pull up the roof and stop. If you need to stop at Banpo, should keep forward low-grade position, pull tight hand brake, with the car staff in time with Stone, Mat wood and other items jammed the wheel, if there is a slippery phenomenon, the tail should be toward the hillside or safety side, and turn on headlights and emergency lights to arouse the attention and avoidance of the vehicles before and after. Here, it's important to note that the kind of measures that go straight to the hillside without slowing down are extremely dangerous, high-speed, severe scratches will directly damage the vehicle and easy to rebound caused by the slope of the collision and rollover, and many roads do not have slopes, so the use of engine traction resistance to control the speed is sensible and correct, The speed-changing synchronous device of modern vehicle also provides convenience and reliability for fast forced grab files.