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Car Chassis Maintenance Rules

- Aug 17, 2018 -

It's a real headache when the car breaks down from the repair point.

There is no patient, there is a car in the usual should pay attention to the maintenance of the car. When it comes to car maintenance, chassis care is most easily overlooked by driver friends, but the importance of chassis maintenance in winter or wet weather is obvious. In the winter to the chassis maintenance will be thoroughly done chassis cleaning and rust treatment. First of all to the chassis thoroughly clean, if the chassis on the dirt too much, but also to use oil cleaning detergent to wash again, so that the chassis exposed the original "True colors", so that rust-proof care can be started. In the professional beauty shop, you can lift the car to lift the chassis to clean, wipe, and then antirust care. In the midst of this should be noted that after cleaning must wait until the moisture dry through the chassis, to carry out anti-rust care. In the care, it is necessary to maintain a uniform spraying coating, forming a layer of uniform rust-proof coating to maintain a lasting.

After the completion of the full 5-10 minutes of natural air drying, chassis rust treatment is completed.

After the professional chassis care, it does not mean that there is a mistake, which is often people for the car will be on their own washing, which often add some detergent, then please be careful not to use alkaline cleaning agent? detergent, etc? Rinse the body and chassis, otherwise it will affect the rust-proof effect and shorten the rust time. Suggest you go to a professional beauty shop to do hole care, its quality is good or bad there is a simple way to try out: rust-proof care of the chassis in high-pressure spray water after washing almost no beads, this effect is only representative of genuine care, can play an excellent rust protection effect.