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Car Chassis Parts Damaged First Aid

- Aug 17, 2018 -

When the car in the field or away from the repair site and the chassis parts of the damage, in view of the different failure situation, you can use the following first aid methods to drive the car to repair the conditions of the place. Brake pump leakage brake fluid or split pump pipe break, can be in the pump pipe joints with metal, copper skin to do a small cushion, the pipeline will be blocked, and then tighten the screws, or the fracture is clamped flat, crimp plugging, so that the wheel could not be used as a brake.

However, this may cause unilateral braking, driving should pay attention to safety. Brake total pump lack of brake fluid, alcohol or liquor can be substituted, under special circumstances can be replaced with water.

Brake leather bowl, will be raised in the skin bowl in hot water soak for 10 minutes-20 minutes, the skin bowl of oily ingredients removed, so you can restore the original size of the bowl. CLUTCH FRICTION plate ablation skid, to the ablation is not too serious friction plate, can turn over the surface use. If the ablation is serious, can be used cotton or canvas several layers (its thickness should be consistent with the original friction plate), with steel wire or wire through the hole on the steel sheet, so that it fixed.

When driving the vehicle should be smooth start, change gears quickly. Cross-tie rod ball break, in the bumper or other not affect the driving place, remove a screw with the total length of the ball joint, instead of broken ball joints, loaded with steering knuckle arm and nut, the screws exposed part with a hammer riveting. Three-axle car differential gear damage, such as the middle and rear axle differential damage to any one, can be the axle shaft and half shaft removed, continue to drive. If the front differential is damaged, the hub joint plate can be removed and then continue to drive.