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Causes Of Car Chassis Damage

- Aug 17, 2018 -

First, drag the bottom, foreign body impact chassis The speed of the domestic road construction really let me very surprised, today just repaired the road tomorrow will again "cut open the belly", and when the road repair when most of the situation will produce more large stones or potholes,

At this time our car is driving to such a road when one does not pay attention to the big stone or other road highlights and the chassis of their vehicles to engage in intimate contact, that is, we often say the bottom of the trailer.

As the bottom of this situation is uncertain, it is therefore easy to cause damage to parts located in the chassis, such as: three-dimensional catalyst shell crushing, engine oil bottom shell crack, gearbox shell crack or suspension system deformation, these problems will bring you a very fatal damage to the car.

Second, corrosion As the environment worsens, even the rain is acid rain, and in this environment our car may increase the likelihood of damage.

Because the chassis often contact with sewage, oily and other substances, and the chemical composition of these substances will slowly corrode the chassis and chassis parts, so for the chassis anti-corrosion we should pay more attention. Except for the rain that I just said, sludge will have the risk of corrosion of the chassis, snow melts in the winter and the sea water can corrode our chassis, especially the sea, if you go to the seaside outside the sea must not drive to the sea, seawater on the chassis corrosion will be very strong.

If you are not careful to contact the chassis with seawater, please use a large amount of fresh water or neutral cleaning agent to scour the chassis.

Third, how to avoid In general, in order to prevent a just two easy to cause chassis damage occurred, 4S shop will recommend to the car owners to install the engine shield or chassis to be commonly known as "chassis armor" chassis protection. Install the engine shield this proposal I strongly recommend, because some economical cars in order to save costs will not be the engine and gearbox under the installation of protective devices, so that the engine and gearbox and the road directly contact.

After installing the engine shield, it can artificially protect the engine and gearbox as well as the important parts located in the chassis part of the car, so that even if the backing situation occurs, it will be contacted before the fender, without damaging the important parts.