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Intelligent Anti-collision System That Gives You A Secure Space

- Aug 17, 2018 -

With the passage of time, the improvement of living standards, in meeting the material needs of the situation, we all have a new pursuit, self-driving tour, driving to and from work, from tens of thousands of of the car to hundreds of thousands of also let the car in the streets can be seen everywhere, no matter when also want to open to stroll around, which also makes the security problem becomes a big hidden danger, With the progress of science and technology, Henan Escorts launched Auto anti-collision system, also called the brake auxiliary system, the automobile intelligent anti-collision System, the automobile intelligent anti-collision device and so on the name, mainly is in order to prevent the automobile rear rear-end to launch some devices, because the auxiliary braking effect and the vehicle real-time braking performance, the speed, the weather and the road condition and so on many factors,

Therefore, the actual driving safety of the vehicle is mainly driven by the driver's cautious driving, supplemented by the remedial, the development of the system is not completely replaced, only to improve the safety of the driving level of a supplementary measure. So when driving a vehicle to drive and reversing the driving, or to the safety of the main, fatigue, vision is not clear, attention is not concentrated, and so on, in the face of the collision may not be timely treatment, escort anti-collision system can be intelligent analysis of vehicle front and rear of the road environment, According to the current situation and the risk level of the driver for automatic alarm reminder, and the vehicle automatic deceleration, automatic braking, to minimize the occurrence of crashes, rear-end accident probability, to avoid or reduce the degree of injury to people's cars.