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What Is The Main Reducer

- Aug 17, 2018 -

The main reducer is the main part which reduces the speed and increases the torque in the automobile transmission system.

For the engine longitudinal car, the main reducer also uses bevel gear transmission to change the power direction. When the car is running normally, the engine speed is usually about 2000 to 3000r/min, if this high speed is only to be lowered by the gearbox, then the transmission gear pair's transmission ratio needs to be very big, but the gear pair's ratio is bigger, the two gears ' radius ratio also is bigger, in other words, The larger the size of the gearbox. In addition, the speed of the decline, and the inevitable increase in torque, but also increased the gearbox and transmission after the transmission of the gearbox drive load. Therefore, in the power to the left and right driving wheel shunt differential before setting a main reducer, can make the main reducer in front of the transmission components such as gearbox, distributor, universal transmission device, such as transmission torque reduction, but also gearbox size of the quality of reduction, manipulation and labor-saving. The main reducer of modern automobiles, spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears are widely used. When working with hyperboloid gears, the pressure and slide between the teeth surface is larger, the oil film of the tooth surface is easy to be destroyed, so it is necessary to use the double curved gear oil lubrication, and never allow the ordinary gear oil to be replaced, otherwise, the tooth surface will be quickly bruised and worn, and the service life.